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Heating in natural stone is, unlike convectors, due to its partial accumulation and the method of heat transfer, a very efficient source of heat. In addition, it looks good.



We offer to rent new cars of premium brands including Mercedes, BMW, Audi. We sell used cars from our rental company.



Chopped firewood of oak, beech, birch stacked in pallets or in bags on a pallet, length from 10cm to 55cm - or based on customer's demand. Delivery option.



We rent apartments, office spaces, a new production and warehouse halls, both heated and unheated, as well as paved outdoor areas in České Budějovice.


The company RoKuMaT s.r.o. has been operating in the Czech and Slovak market since 1991.

We sell radiant heating panels of natural stone, a revolutionary heating system. We offer eco-powered electricity-saving natural stone heating. It offers luxurious look compared to the traditional heaters. This heating system has annual heating costs by up to 40% lower than the convectors and by 20% lower than gas. The heating system uses the same principle as tile stoves and at the same time it is partially accumulative, unlike conventional heaters and infrared panels. Zero maintenance costs, no new wiring is required, no construction works, can be combined with any other heating systems. The panel lifetime is at least 50 years. Suitable for allergy sufferers, no dust swirling, it maintains proper air humidity and dries the masonry.

New since 2012: SALE OF HARD CHOPPED FIREWOOD. Oak, beech, birch stacked in pallets or in bags on the pallet (loose). Length from 10cm to 55cm - or based on customer’s demand. Delivery option.

Since 2014, we have been renting residential and non-residential premises, including paved surfaces in České Budějovice.

Furthermore we rent new passenger cars including premium and luxury brands.

Our warehouse is in České Budějovice.

The company management: Zbyněk Rostecký,